What do we do?

We work primarily with fathers, groups of boys or mixed gender groups, children in care, care leavers, victims of crime and military Veterans. We model first hand something they may have never experienced before: emotionally aware, strong, caring, respectful, humourous and non-competitive men. The participants we work with experience new possibilities for their own inter-actions with their friends, family and community by the way we are with each other.

“What’s going on with Remembering Our Roots CIC is so important that it should really be something that all males experience. My time with them was both inspiring and immensely enjoyable. All of us within our circle felt that we had learned much, much more about what it means to be a man. This is a truly transformative experience with immediate positive results. I can’t recommend it highly enough”
Penryn College participant Staff

Rites Of Passage Programme:

Bushcraft Firelighting, shelter building, animal tracking & welfare, using cutting tools, water preparation, camoflage & concealment, wood carving, foraging, wild cooking & ancient storytelling form the basis of our work in the woods throughout our residentials and woodland based sessions. We differentiate these for total beginners through to advanced & experienced participants. All of our Directors, staff and volunteers have been through the transformational Rite of Passage experience with abandofbrothers.

Activities Weeks

In our UNESCO World Heritage Site Forest, come & learn Bushcraft & Survival Skills, sleep under the stars & finish the week off with an evening of putting your new skills to the test, wild cooking and storytelling round the fire! For 2021 we are able to offer smaller groups and ‘bubble’ groups in line with our risk assessments to ensure Covid-19 safety is adhered to.

“I never had anyone, any man who listened to me or cared about anything about me. What you boys do (Remembering Our Roots CIC staff) has changed me as a person. I was scared of so much even just 2 months ago. I don’t get in trouble no more and I’ve got a girlfriend and finished College. I don’t want to be like my stepdad or dad, and I want to work for you lot. Even my aunty who raised me says how much better I am now, and I don’t kick off like I used to. She’s been really good to me and I never realised it before I met all of you, thanks”
18-year-old participant

abandofbrothers has had, and continues to have, a profound impact on our lives and we are able to offer our Rite of Passage Programme through their support. We invite you to have a look at their website, we are incredibly proud and humbled to be involved and in service.


1:1 Support

Sometimes we all need some attentive, attuned 1:1 support, especially when the world around feels unsafe and we have a lot going on inside of our own skin. If you have students for whom the classroom can be overwhelming, who are struggling and would benefit from some concentrated support, please get in touch. We are trained in the ‘Trauma Informed Schools’ model and have years of experience supporting children and adults, both male and female who have experienced trauma.