Victims of Crime

“The Safer Stronger Consortium builds strength through co-operation and innovation, creating a community safer from poverty and discrimination by providing new opportunities for people who are disadvantaged or marginalised.”

Remembering Our Roots CIC is a member of the ‘Safer Stronger Consortium’, and we work with Victims of Crime, both reported and un-reported. Please get in touch for non-judgmental listening, we are here to support you and your family.

We provide a safe space for individuals to spend time slowing down, reflecting & coming to terms with their experiences. Through healing and integrating these hurt parts, we help people to move forwards positively, joyfully and confidently with their lives.

Sometimes we need the safe containment of an indoor space, but wherever possible, we go out into nature for the benefits of green spaces. Working together with us can be the start of a longer, meaningful and supportive relationship that develops past the end of your referral period. We look forward to welcoming you to the woods.