James Oecken

I have a background in outdoor work, nature connection, survival & bushcraft, teaching, group therapeutic support and 1:1 trauma recovery. This has come together to create Remembering Our Roots CIC. I try to not only help people to alleviate their own suffering, but also help them to develop the capacity to feel safe, trust and open up to a deeper relationship with themselves, nature and others, experiencing much more joy, love, lightness and connection.

I’m very grateful to the many people who have supported and trained me over the years and continue to do so, many of whom we are delighted to have on our Advisory Board. I feel a responsibility to empower people’s own sense of independence and interdependence, and to foster a deeper respect and connection to nature here in Cornwall. I am currently studying with UKCP as a trainee to be an accredited Core Process Psychotherapist.

Email: jameso@ror.services