Thurstan Crockett


My name is Thurstan; I’m 55 and really value the time I spend staffing ROR weekends: I’m open to working with whatever happens, without expectation; and I really love bushcraft and camping outdoors; but especially supporting young people to become their best selves. I’ve seen ROR work really help young people understand their true nature […]

Stacey Allsopp

Stacey Allsop - Remembering Our Roots

I am Stacey, a former British Army Soldier, and previously homeless Veteran. During periods of homelessness after my discharge in the mid 1990’s, whilst sleeping rough in Church yards, and on beaches here in Cornwall, I began to wonder through hunger, what if any of the wild plants growing in those places I could eat. […]

James Oecken


I have a background in outdoor work, nature connection, survival & bushcraft, teaching, group therapeutic support and 1:1 trauma recovery. This has come together to create Remembering Our Roots CIC. I try to not only help people to alleviate their own suffering, but also help them to develop the capacity to feel safe, trust and […]